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Recently published: "NIPS, a 3D network-integrated predictor of deleterious protein SAPs, and its application in cancer prognosis". Scientific Reports (2018, May).      READ MORE >

Recently published: "Metagenomic Taxonomy-Guided Database-Searching Strategy for Improving Metaproteomic Analysis". Journal of Proteome Research. (2018, April).      READ MORE >

Recently published: "Network Module-Based Model in the Differential Expression Analysis for RNA-seq". Bioinformatics. (2017, April).      READ MORE >

Recently published: "CanProVar 2.0: An Updated Database of Human Cancer Proteome Variation". Journal of Proteome Research. (2017, Feb).      READ MORE >

Recently published: "Construction and Deciphering of Human Phosphorylation-Mediated Signaling Transduction Networks".Journal of Proteome Research. (2015, Jul).      READ MORE >

Recently published: "Network-Based Association Study of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes with Gene Expression Profiles". Biomed Res Int. (2015, Jul).      READ MORE >

We develops and applies computational methods of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics for formulating the processes of complex phenotype/diseases by integrating genome/transcriptome data and biological network. Our ambitious is to prioritize key proteins or protein variations/modifications in disease, as well as identify clinical biomarker, predict functional sub-network/pathways, interpret mechanisms underneath specific molecular processes or states by means of developing statistic models and bioinformatic approaches.

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Jing Li

Dr. Jing Li, PI

Phone: 86 21 34204348-108
Email: jing.li@sjtu.edu.cn



[April]   Bo Wang was awarded SJTU excellent graduate in 2018 (上海交通大学优秀毕业生).

[April]   Jingqiu won Award of Excellent Graduate, Shanghai in 2018 (上海市优秀毕业生).

[March]   Bo Wang's NIPS (protein mutation ranking) paper was accepted by Scientific Reports, Congs!.

[Feb]   Jingqiu's Metaproteome paper was accepted by Journal of Proteome Research, Congs!.


[Sept]   Welcome new graduate students Yongxin, Yihao, Liangquan and Christopher join us!

[Sept]   Mingli's article is published in Bioinformatics, Congs!.


Biostatistics& Bioinformatics Workshop 2017

[April]   Welcome new PhD student Yafei Chang to our lab.

[April]   Mingli's statistical model paper is accepted to Bioinformatics.

[March]   Xiaojing's allergen prediction paper is online at Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences

[Feb]   Menghuan's CanProVar 2.0 paper is published at Journal of Proteome Research.


[Sept]   Wecome Xi Cheng and Jingya Jia to our group.

[May]   Congratulations to Jing Li, and Xi Cheng for receiving the University's Outstanding Graduate.

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