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* Description: CanProVar is designed to store and display single amino acid alterations including both germline and somatic variations in the human proteome, especially those related to the genesis or development of human cancer based on the published literatures. Cancer-related variations and conrresponding annotations can be queried through the web-interface using Protein IDs in the Ensembl, IPI, RefSeq, and Uniport/Swiss-Prot databases or gene names and Entrez gene IDs. Fasta files with variation information are also available for download.
* Version: V2.0
* URL: http://lilab.life.sjtu.edu.cn:8080/canprovar2 (China) and http://canprovar2.zhang-lab.org/ (USA).
* Reference:
M.Zhang, B.Wang, J.Xu, X.Wang, L.Xie, B.Zhang*, Y.Li*, J.Li*.CanProVar 2.0: An Updated Database of Human Cancer Proteome Variation.Journal of Proteome Research,16(2):421-432, 2017.

Jing Li, Dexter T Duncan, Bing Zhang. CanProVar: a human cancer proteome variation database. Hum Mutat, 31(3):219-228, 2010


*Description: proAP, Protein Allergenicity Prediction, is a web-based application which provides one-stop search for all known allergens and allergen prediction. So far, sequence-based, motif-based and SVM-based allergen prediction approaches were integrated in proAP. User may perform allergen prediction for unknown ones using individual or combined bioinformatic methods. It allows the search of allergens by species as well as by category. Flexible parameter setting and batch prediction were also implemented.
* URL: http://gmobl.sjtu.edu.cn/proAP/
* Reference: Jing Wang, Yabin Yu, Yunan Zhao, Dabing. Zhang and Jing. Li*. Evaluation and Integration of Existing Methods for Computational Prediction of Allergens. BMC Bioinformatics. 14(Suppl 4):S1, 2013


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