BI217: Introductory Bioinformatics & Biostatistics

Instructor: Maoying Wu





Lecture 1: What is Bioinformatics? 03/13/2010
Lecture 2: Biological Side of Bioinformatics 03/27/2010
Lecture 3: Mathematical Principles in Bioinformatics 04/09/2010
Lecture 4: Developing Your Computer Skills for Bioinformatics
Lecture 5: Pooling Algorithms for Bioinformatics
Lecture 6: Analysis of Biological Sequences
Lecture 7: Sequence Alignment and Phylogenetic Reinference
Lecture 8: Microarray Data Analysis
Lecture 9: Next-generation Sequencing
Reading Discussions


Lecture Note 1A: Introduction to R Language
[Hands-on Exercises][Reference]
Lecture Note 1B: R programming
[day2.txt][number.txt][scores.dat] [birthweights.dat][STAT3.bed]
Lecture Note 2a: Probability Distributions
Lecture Note 2b: More on Probability Distributions
Lecture Note 3: Parameter Estimation
[Hands-on Exercises]
Lecture Note 4a: Hypothesis Testing
[Lecture Notes][Exercises][heights.dat][heights3.dat]
Lecture Note 5: Linear Correlation and Regression
Lecture Note 6: Linear Models and Generalized Linear Models (GLMs)
Lecture Note 7: Multivariate Analysis
Lecture Note 8: Survival Analysis
Lecture Note 9: Preprocessing and Analysis of High-dimensional Data

Computational Resources

The Association of C and C++ Users
Blitz++ matrix library
GSL, GNU Scientic Library
The Matrix Template Library
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Netlib collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases
R Project for Statistical Computing