Dr. Chaochun Wei, Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics


is a fast MOTIF finding tool(MOtif finding by Suffix tree and heterogeneous Tags). It extracts distribution features of nearby epigenomic markers, like histone modification or nucleosome occupancy, to help de novo find motif, thus rendering a higher level of accuracy on characterizing motif (cross-validated by ChIP-seq data) and more co-factors. By taking advantage of advanced data structure and tuning, MOST+ is faster than existing motif finding algorithms to our knowledge.

Download MOST+ stand-alone source files(version 1.4 32K).
Download MOST+ stand-alone source files(version 1.5 47K).
Download examples(75M).
Download parameter test results.(127KB)
Download additional scripts.(7KB)

You can also find MOST+ in GitHub:
MOST+ in GitHub

Supporting files:

Installation, run the following command lines:
tar -xzvf MOST+_v*.tar.gz
where * stands the version.
cd ./MOST+_v*/src

To run the test:

Check the INSTALL and README files for more details. To run testMost.sh tomtom is required.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further suggestion or question. We appretiate your effort on trying on our algorithm.


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